Unify the Party

To stop the left’s agenda of destroying our nation, we need a strong and unified Republican Party. If we are the party of limited government, fiscal responsibility, respect for the Constitution, and defense of liberty that we claim to be, we cannot have a party that capitulates to the left’s demands.

Fear of being labeled or cancelled has no home here if we are truly fighting for our constituents. Merely being on defense will no longer work to thwart the left’s continuous attacks if we want to save our Republic.

It is time to unite, go on the offense, and stop the left from destroying America. We accomplish this by returning to basic Constitutional principles of small Federal Government, the sovereign authority of the states, and the personal responsibility of the citizen.

That’s a start, anyway.

Ideally we would unite the nation under the fact that each state is an individual laboratory of policy and ideas. Let each state does what works for each state. If others want to adopt those policies, great. No policy should ever come down from the Federal Government in an area where it is not Constitutionally enumerated.