Expand Personal Liberty

Reverse Government Overreach and Restore States’ Rights
Abolish the IRS and Eliminate the Income Tax

Other Vital Issues

Defend the Sanctity of Life

Support Veterans and Military Families

Eliminate Wasteful Spending

Safeguard ALL of Our Constitutional Rights

Secure the Border

Ban Omnibus Spending Legislation

My Pledges To You

  1. I’ll never promote, support, or vote for anything that raises your taxes.
  2. I’ll never promote, support, or vote for anything that restricts your liberty or personal freedoms.
  3. I’ll never vote for legislation that comes in at the eleventh hour or is so monstrous as to not be read and thoroughly understood.
  4. I’ll never forget that I am your employee, your public servant. I, like all the rest of our government, work for you, the People.

Why Am I Doing This?

I am first and foremost a Christian–saved by grace through faith in my Lord, Jesus Christ. Secondly, I am a husband and father of two. My duty is to my wife and my children and the betterment of their future. Lastly, I am merely a concerned citizen who has decided he can make a difference by running for Congress.

Born in Houston and raised in the piney woods between Montgomery and Conroe, East Texas is my home.  The values of the people who live here—love of God, care for your neighbors, hard work, individual responsibility—are my values.  

Upon graduating from Montgomery High School, I received an appointment to the United States Naval Academy.  In 1996 I was commissioned as an officer in the Navy and began a 20 year career of service built upon the foundation of those values I learned growing up.

My time in the Navy taught me more than just about being a pilot.  It was there that I learned about duty, about what it means to be honorable, about leading men and women.  I learned about service and dedication, first to the ship (the mission), then to the shipmate, and finally to myself.  

I learned about sacrifice—by leaving my wife and children for long periods of time to serve a greater good while defending the rights of a people united by common values, a love of liberty, and a unique sense of what it means to be free found nowhere else on the planet.

I am running for Congress because what makes our Republic great, what makes it original, what makes it a beacon of hope to much of the world, is being lost.  And in many instances, it is already lost—lost through government overreach; outdated, overly complicated, and unfair taxation; and a push to fundamentally transform America into a European socialist style nation.    

Its demise is only accelerated by the moral decline we’ve witnessed so recently.  It’s appalling.  John Adams noted: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Princeton’s Robbie George explains in his article Ruling to Serve, “[P]eople lacking in virtue could be counted on to trade liberty for protection, for financial or personal security, for comfort … for having their problems solved quickly. And there will always be people occupying or standing for public office who will be happy to offer the deal.”

This is why I’m running for Congress.  I’m sick and tired of watching rights stripped away.  I’m sick and tired of seeing the government involved in things it should never be involved in.  I’m sick and tired of an unfair tax system that manipulates and is specifically designed to pit one group of people against another. I fear for the future given the current state of moral decline.

I have no desire for power, clout, prestige, or position.  I only want what I believe most Americans—and certainly the citizens of Texas—want.  And that is the government out of our lives.  Just leave us alone. 

As paradoxical as this sounds, I’m running for Congress to get the government out of my life, my family’s lives, and all Americans’ lives.

If I’ve struck a nerve with you–if I’ve said things you’ve been thinking for some time–please join me in restoring our Republic.  Join me in getting the government out of our lives.

Grace and peace,

-Dan McKaughan

Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. —John Stuart Mill

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