Resources and Additional Information

Here you’ll find links to sites and references that can provide you with more information on the issues that are important to Dan.

The Constitution

It’s a good thing to be familiar with our nation’s founding documents. Here is the Constitution, with essays from The Heritage Foundation to explain and comment on the document. THE CONSTITUTION

The FAIRtax–Let’s abolish the IRS!

The FAIRtax is the tax plan Dan is supporting to free the taxpayer and businesses from the yoke of a cumbersome, complicated, and unFAIR tax system. FAIRTAX

Here’s a link to some great videos showing the FAIRtax vs the income tax.

The 10th Amendment–Restore the States’ rights!

The 10th Amendment states that the powers not enumerated in the Constitution to the Federal Government are reserved for the States, or the People. This has been all but obliterated by the massive amount of unconstitutional overreach our government has taken upon itself over the decades. 10TH AMENDMENT CENTER

The Briefing–Albert Mohler’s daily audio podcast

This is a great spot to hear commentary on important news and issues from a Christian worldview. THE BRIEFING

Camp Hope–PTSD Foundation of America

We lose far too many service men and women each day to suicide. Latest estimates say almost 20 veterans take their own lives daily. That’s a tragic figure. From their website: “The Mission of the PTSD Foundation of America is to bring hope and healing to Combat Veterans and their families suffering from the effects of combat-related Post Traumatic Stress.”

If you know anyone who is in trouble please help before it’s too late. CAMP HOPE