Restore Integrity and Honor to Washington DC

Politicians today have such a bad reputation. Most of them deserve it.

The voters have lost confidence in their elected officials because they’ll say one thing to get elected, and once they get to Washington, they–for whatever reasons–tend to forget the promises they made to the people who they work for. They seem only interested in getting as much money as they can.

I promise to always remember who I work for and what my job is. I am not beholden to big money, PACs, or special interests. Nor do I ever intend on sacrificing my values and policies on the alter of the almighty dollar.

My job is only to protect the Constitution, defend your liberties, fight tyranny, and do everything I can to put our Federal Government back in its box.

We also need to reestablish our system of checks and balances. The Framers were fearful of an overly powerful government, so in their genius the devised our system with checks and balances between the branches, ensuring one branch was no more powerful than another.

Unfortunately, Congress has willing given up their responsibility to legislate to the other two branches, much to the detriment and destruction of liberty, freedom, and states’ authority.

Congress must take back its duties. It must not only be the only source of legislation, it must also ensure regulations from legislation are drafted in accordance with the will of the law. Additionally, it must call out the other branches when they overstep their Constitutional limits.