Prevent Economic Collapse

At the time of writing this, the US debt is $28,997,915,xxx,xxx.xx. That’s nearly $30 TRILLION DOLLARS. By the time you’re reading this, it will be significantly higher as the regime continues to spend more and more and more…

We cannot allow our government to be so reckless in the spending of taxpayer dollars. More significantly, we cannot permit the planned collapse of our economy through radical spending on unnecessary projects, the printing or more and more money, hand-outs to people so they WON’T work, and inflation increasing policies.

I’ll combat this nefarious behavior and call out every single instance of bad fiscal policy. You deserve a government you can trust with the fruits of your labor. You need to trust that every dollar you pay in taxes will be spend wisely, and only on necessary items.

And you need to know for certain that I will never allow our economy to be destroyed deliberately so the left can usher in their socialist and communist great reset. Not on my watch!